Systematic Theology: Informing Your Life in Christ (mp3 Download Set)

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Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century 2007

Systematic Theology: Informing Your Life in Christ honors the life and ministry of Dr. Wayne Spear, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary and noted scholar on the Westminster Assembly. These messages address current issues relating to theology and influence of the Westminster Confession — the major summary confession of beliefs for most Reformed and Presbyterian churches.

Topic: Systematic Theology

The 7 messages include:
• “Unity or Disunity? Covenant Theology from Calvin to Westminster” by Anthony Selvaggio
• “From Popery to Principle: Covenanters and the Kingship of Christ” by David McKay
• “The Use and Abuse of Christian Liberty” by D.G. Hart
• “The Doctrine of the Atonement from the Westminster Assembly to the 20th Century” by Richard Gamble
• “The Lord’s Day and the Westminster Confession” by Rowland Ward
• “Good and Necessary Consequences in the Westminster Confession” by C.J. Williams
• “The Vitality of Reformed Systematic Theology” by Richard Gaffin

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