Serving The King (Paperback)

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Derek Thomas
Evangelical Press


As Christians, we are to serve our King. The Lord has something for each of us to do for him. Learning what our special task for God is can be both frustrating and rewarding at the same time: frustrating because the process of learning it is hardly ever as straightforward as we imagine; rewarding, because there is nothing in this life more important than knowing we are doing our Father's will.

There are no useless Christians in His kingdom. The ascended Christ distributes His gifts to the church's members and thus 'every-member ministry' is expected in the church's life. Not all members are preachers, or elders, or deacons, or Sunday school teachers, but all members are expected to perform a work of usefulness. In this book the author gives clear guidelines on being useful so that we may all be found serving the King.

Pages: 118

Binding: Paperback