Sanctification: The Long Journey Home (mp3 Download Set)

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Texas Hill Country Bible Conference 2015

Sanctification: The Long Journey Home
The Christian life is made up of various twists and turns, ups and downs,
struggles and battles. The Bible calls this process “Sanctification.” It is
the shape of holiness both positively and negatively, highs and lows,
encouragements and threats. These messages by Derek Thomas and Greg
Gilbert will highlight various aspects of sanctification, reflecting how it
ought to be and how it often is.

The 5 messages of Sanctification: The Long Journey Home include:
• “The Starting Point: Definitive Sanctification” by Derek Thomas
• “Love or Hate?” by Greg Gilbert
• “The Obstacles: World, Flesh and the Devil-Mortification” by Derek Thomas
• “Life or Death?” by Greg Gilbert
• “Faith or Fear?” by Greg Gilbert

(5 mp3 downloads)