Reformed Resources Catalog (Paperback)

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Product Description:

This catalog contains a list of resources available from the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Bible Study Hour
  2. Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible
  3. Every Last Word
  4. God's Living Word
  5. Alliance Broadcasting
  6. Alliance Video
  7. Alliance Events
  8. Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology
  9. Appalachia Conference on Theology and the Church
  10. B.B. Warfield Memorial Lecture Series
  11. Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology
  12. Quakertown Conference on Reformed Theology
  13. Texas Hill Country Bible Conference
  14. The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century
  15. Alliance Publishing
  16. Alliance Booklets


The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is a coalition of pastors, scholars, and churchmen who hold the historic creeds and confessions of the Reformed faith and who proclaim biblical doctrine in order to foster a Reformed awakening in today's Church.

Pages:  210