Preaching (mp3 Disc)

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The Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century 2011

T.H.L. Parker in Portrait of Calvin, notes, “By expounding Scripture as a whole he was forced to deal with the Scriptural range of ideas. And, as an honest interpreter, he laboured to represent the thought of the Bible faithfully. He had horror of those who preached their own ideas in place of the gospel of the Bible: ‘When we enter the pulpit, it is not so that we may bring our own dreams and fancies with us.’” Pastors, church leaders, and all serious students of God’s Word will benefit from these scholarly and practical messages.

Topic: Preaching

The 5 messages in Preaching include:
• “The Origin of the Three Point Sermon” by Dennis Prutow
• “What Does it Really Mean to be ‘Christ-Centered’ in Preaching” by Richard Phillips
• “Preaching Justice: Sola Scriptura in Social Action” by Rutledge Etheridge
• “Calvinistic Experiential Preaching” by Joel Beeke
• “Serving the Lord with all Humility” by Richard Gamble

(5 mp3 files on 1 CD)