Our Doctrine of Scripture (mp3 downloads)

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Daniel Hyde

The psalmist says the blessed are like trees planted by streams of living water, and this water that nourishes is the Word of the Lord. When we get into the Word, the Word gets into us, filling our minds with truth and our hearts with love. How? Because Scripture is the means the Holy Spirit uses to mediate to us the presence of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the Word incarnate, God with us. Thus, when we interact with Scripture, we interact with God.

In Our Doctrine of Scripture, Daniel Hyde will lead you to the very heart of Scripture. Is the Bible clear? Is it enough? How did we get this Bible as it is? How can we be confident that in it we hear the true words of God? Rev. Hyde will instill confidence that God’s Word is the most certain thing we have in this life. The apostles did not follow “cleverly devised myths” in writing the Scriptures, but the grammar, words, and syntax are all directly inspired by God the Holy Spirit and thus, the very words of God to us.

This set of downloads includes the following messages:

The Certainty of Scripture

Breathed Out By God

Let Them Hear Them

Which Books Belong?

Is the Bible Enough?

Is the Bible Clear?

Reading the Bible

(7 mp3 downloads)