How To Live A Holy Life (PDF Download)

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Donald Barnhouse

"Christ liveth in us; thus we live unto Him. May God grant us today so to see the love of Christ that we may be constrained to this judgment, and that we shall walk with our lives directed unto Him." —Donald Barnhouse

We all look forward to eternity, but what about the here and now? In fact, the God who redeems you from sin likewise calls you to a rich life of holiness, a life sanctified by power of the Holy Spirit.

Taken from the pages of God’s Methods for Holy Living, in How to Live a Holy Life Dr. Barnhouse shows the reader how to live each day before the face of our holy and gracious God. We echo the prayer of James Boice: "It is my prayer that these same lessons that so richly blessed me will also bless many others in this generation."

Pages: 52
Publication Date: November 2018
Topic: Christian Living, Sanctification 

Table of Contents: 
Introduction by James Boice
1. Find God's Will in His Word 
2. Know the Power of His Love
3. Purify Yourself in His Hope
4. Be Transformed by His Spirit