God and the Conscience (CD Set)

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James Boice

Does your conscience guide you? It can be an indicator of sin, and yet it’s unreliable because we can crush it down or ignore it completely. But God is greater than our conscience, and He loves us too much to let us stray. He’ll use a diversity of means to get our attention and bring us to repentance.
The 8 messages of God and the Conscience based on Genesis 42-44 show how Joseph’s brothers experienced this firsthand. God first deprived them of necessities, and then intensified His discipline by allowing them to undergo harsh treatment. Their father, Jacob, also experienced God’s discipline for the sin of self-pity. But God had a loving purpose in putting them through pain. It was to purge them of self-centeredness, cleanse their consciences, and to lead them to where they’d find peace and restoration—in God, Himself.

God and the Conscience includes 8 messages: 

  • The Pinch of Want 
  • The Pain of Harsh Treatment 
  • The Press of Solitude
  • The Proof of God’s Presence
  • No One Loves Me, This I Know
  • The Pattern of Necessity
  • The Power of True Affection
  • The Purge of Self-Confidence

(8 messages on 4 CDs)

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