Developing A Christian Mind: Learning To Think And Act Biblically (mp3 download Set)

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James Boice

Sometimes it’s hard not to be conformed to the thinking of this world. Our culture says happiness is everything. Truth is what you want it to be. God is a myth for weak minds. But the Bible speaks a different message. From this helpful seminar by Dr. Boice, learn what influences your thinking, understand the power of God’s Word, and transform how you live as a Christian.

(4 mp3 downloads)

James Montgomery Boice’s Bible teaching continues on The Bible Study Hour radio and internet program, preparing you to think and act biblically. Dr. Boice was regarded as a leading evangelical statesman in the United States and around the world, as he served as senior minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and as president of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals until his death in 2000. His fifty-plus books include an award-winning, four-volume series on Romans, Foundations of the Christian Faith, commentaries on Genesis, Matthew, and several other Old and New Testament books. The Bible Study Hour is always available at