Covenant (ATS)(mp3 Disc)

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Through His covenants, God gives the terms for a relationship with Him. But we find again and again throughout the Bible, beginning with Adam, and continuing with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David that we are covenant breakers while God is a covenant keeper. In this set, speakers James Boice, Michael Horton, Eric Alexander, Joel Beeke, Robert Godfrey, and others define God’s covenants and take us through the arc of God’s covenantal work, culminating in Christ establishing a new covenant sealed in His blood, securing redemption for all that are called.

01 - Covenant Confusion by Richard Phillips   Topic: Definition
02 - God's Covenant People by Robert Godfrey   Topic: Believers
03 - The Puritans on Adam and the Covenant of Works by Joel Beeke   Topic: Adam/Works/Confession
04 - The Covenant of Law by Joel Neederhood   Topic: Law/Works?/Deuteronomy
05 - God of the Covenant by James Boice   Topic: Definition/Noah
06 - Sign of the Covenant by James Boice   Topic: Definition/Noah
07 - The Signs of the Covenant by Eric Alexander   Topic: Sign
08 - The Covenant Renewal Ceremony by Michael Horton   Topic: Covenant with Abraham
09 - The Covenant of Grace by Harry Reeder   Topic: Grace (Abraham/Christ)
10 - The Covenant of Redemption by James Boice   Topic: Salvation/David
11 - Our Covenant Keeping God Part 1 by James Boice   Topic: God/David
12 - The New Covenant by Philip Ryken   Topic: New Covenant
13 - The New Covenant by Eric Alexander   Topic: New Covenant (jeremiah)
14 - The Covenants of God by Richard Phillips   Topic: God
15 - The Christ of the Covenants by Derek Thomas   Topic: Christ
16 - Mediator of a Better Covenant by Joel Neederhood   Topic: Jesus/Spirit
17 - The Promised Holy Spirit by Robert Godfrey   Topic: Holy Spirit

(17 mp3 files on 1 CD)