Charles Spurgeon: A Puritan Untimely Born (mp3 Download Set)

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Texas Hill Country Bible Conference 2014


Charles Spurgeon: A Puritan Untimely Born Pre-Conference

When young Charles Spurgeon was first called to London’s most famous Baptist pulpit, he was widely regarded as a novelty, an upstart, too innovative for conservative London. One critic wrote, “He has gone up like a rocket, and ere long will come down like a stick.” Three short decades later, Spurgeon’s critics were dismissing him as a theological dinosaur, antiquated, outmoded, and totally in and out of touch with the times.

In reality, Spurgeon was totally unconcerned with being either stylish or old-fashioned. From childhood, he had imbibed the spirit of the Puritans. He sought to be biblical. His values and ministry philosophy were timeless. He scorned fads and fashions. That is why we still read and learn from him today.

These 3 messages by Dr. Phillip Johnson examine Spurgeon’s Puritan roots and values, and his classic approach to Scripture and ministry.

• Spurgeon’s Puritan Roots

• Spurgeon the Warrior

• The Downgrade Disaster

(3 mp3 downloads)