Beyond Five Points: Digging Deeper into Calvinism (BNCRT18)(CD Set)

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The Bold North Conference on Reformed Theology celebrated the 400th Anniversary of the start of the Synod of Dordt, and dug deeper into the multifaceted biblical truths recovered by John Calvin and other reformers. In this 6 part set teaching on topics such as TULIP, covenant theology, New Testament worship, and Presbyterian government, Alan Strange and Andrew Compton show what the Synod of Dordt's implications are today on doctrine, worship, church government, and life. 

Beyond Five Points: Digging Deeper into Calvinism includes 6 messages:

  • “The Roots of the Reformation: TULIP and More" by Alan Strange
  • “The Biblical "Big Picture" of the Reformation: Covenant Theology" by Andrew Compton
  • “The Fruits of the Reformation: Calvinism and the Christian Life" by Alan Strange
  • “The Recovery of New Testament Worship in the Reformation" by Andrew Compton
  • “Why Reformed Churches Have Presbyterian Government" by Alan Strange
  • “The Pastoral Care and Compassion of the Reformation" by Andrew Compton

(6 messages on 6 CDs)