The King on A Cross (mp3 downloads)

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James Boice

When experiencing difficult trials we might be tempted to question God’s wisdom. Yet God’s wisdom far exceeds our own and is apparent in and through Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection. During trying times, words we would not readily admit to using naturally come from our tongues. What do you suppose your last words will be? The closest people to Jesus found out what He said with His last words. Dr. Boice teaches the significance of Jesus’ words not only before His crucifixion, but also before His ascension.

The King on a Cross includes 4 messages:
Words from the Cross
You Will Weep Now, But...
The Not-Quite Empty Tomb
I Ascend to My Father

James Boice’s Bible teaching continues on The Bible Study Hour broadcast, preparing you to think and act biblically. Dr. Boice was regarded as a leading evangelical statesman in the United States and around the world as he served as president of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. His fifty-plus books include an award-winning, four-volume series on Romans. The Bible Study Hour is always available at

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Topics: Christ, Easter, Crucifixion, Salvation, Resurrection