Biblical Personhood and Gender Confusion (CD Set)

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Biblical Personhood and Gender Confusion

Biblical Personhood and Gender Confusion
Since the Garden of Eden and our first parents’ “bite of the apple”, gender confusion in its various forms has constituted one of the most significant assaults ever leveled upon individuals, the family, and culture. The terrible fallout from such confusion has wreaked havoc on countless lives around the world ever since. These messages intend to lay a biblical foundation for understanding many of these gender-related issues, examine various aspects of gender confusion alive and well (and increasing) in today’s world, and to seek to formulate a God-honoring way forward, asking how the church should respond with clarity and grace in the midst of such confusion.

Messages include:
• The Bible — How Shall We Then Live by Derek Thomas
• Biblical Personhood — Male, Female and Family by Richard Phillips
• Gender Confusion Among Women by Rosaria Butterfield
• Gender Confusion Among Men by Richard Phillips
• The Church’s Response — The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by Rosaria Butterfield
• The Church’s Response — Dealing with Postmodernism and Gender Confusion by Derek Thomas
• Truth, Tolerance, Grace, and Mission by Robert Anderson

(7 messages on 7 CDs)