Worshiping God's Way, Not Ours Plenary Messages (mp3 downloads)

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2018 Reformation Worship Conference

“Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.” Psalm 29:2

The Reformation Worship Conference exists to encourage the church to remember her Reformation heritage, particularly as it concerns biblical, God-centered worship. This year, topics range from worship songs, medieval worship, music leadership, counter-cultural worship, and the seriousness of worshiping God’s way, to worship and spiritual growth, counseling from the Psalms, and celebrating salvation.

Speakers include Robert Godfrey, Carl Trueman, David Garner, Neil Stewart, and Carl Robbins.

Worshiping God’s Way, Not Ours Plenary Sessions includes 9 messages:

  • "Worship and Spiritual Growth" by Robert Godfrey
  • "Why Worship as God Says" by Carl Trueman
  • "What Revelation Tells About Worship" by Robert Godfrey
  • "What's Great About the Great Commission" by David Garner
  • "Worship of God is Deadly Serious" by Neil Stewart
  • "Worship that is Counter Cultural" by Carl Trueman
  • "Christ's Statement on Worship" by Carl Robbins
  • "A Celebrating Salvation" by Robert Godfrey
  • "Worship Songs" by Robert Godfrey