Trinity: The Eternally Divine Son (mp3 downloads)

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Liam Goligher

False teaching has crept, almost silently, deep inside the very walls of evangelicalism. We are called to pick up a debate that has lain dormant for 1600 years. That debate seems shrouded in the mists of history. It seems couched in Trinitarian language too abstract for us to comprehend. It seems as if we could never get our heads around such complexity.

Dr. Goligher has been training his congregation for the battle, which is already raging nationwide. They have been tough sermons to follow. Listening to them several times, one still finds new angles, new insights into the shape of this battle; new understandings of the implications for every aspect of our faith. The trumpet call has sounded. Time to polish swords and put on helmets, to empty the armory of God of all its state-of-the-art equipment for this battle.

Those who care deeply for the gospel faith, for our God, and for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will spend time mulling over these sermons. As Dr. Goligher says, Everything is at stake! Everything is at stake!

This set contains the following messages:
• God has Spoken
• The Divine Speaker
• The Grammar of God
• The One Who Is Son 
• Heir of All Things
• Greater than Angels
• Sovereign Son
• Sitting in the Big Chair

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