Thessalonians (Paperback)

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Donald Barnhouse

For generations the faithful preaching and teaching of Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse has been impacting the lives of thousands around the world. With the discipline of expository preaching fading in many mainstream churches, resources like Barnhouse's commentary on Thessalonians are becoming more and more valuable. Carefully examining the verses and the doctrines throughout Paul's letters to the church at Thessalonica allows Barnhouse to continue faithful exegesis and application of the Word. Grounding the reader in the historical context of Paul's letters allows Barnhouse the opportunity to properly guide through its many timeless truths. Addressing difficult themes such as suffering, obedience, justification, sanctification, and our witness to the world in a practical manor gives the reader not only a proper understanding, but encouragement to apply these teachings on a day to day basis. "Now, justification is that planting of the new life of God in us; sanctification is the rise and development of the new life. I suppose that if we charted the progress of our new life in Christ, the chart would now show a steady growth, but rather it would be like those charts on the stock market-up and down" (p.57). There is much that can be gained from the expositional teaching of Dr. Barnhouse. With his classic style of anticipation and explanation, those interested in his teaching can rest assured knowing that his careful examination of Thessalonians in this commentary will cover much of what the reader is after. Barnhouse's Thessalonians commentary continues with his consistent ability of making God's word plain for over 60 years.