Theology on the Go Anthology (mp3 Disc)

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Jonathan Master

Theology on the Go is a brief conversation about an eternal truth. Jonathan Master is joined by pastors and theologians as they discuss weighty topics in a thoughtful and accessible way showing how theology is relevant today.

The 82 episode Theology on the Go Anthology covers the first three years of the podcast. Some of the most noteworthy interviews have been on the historical Adam with William Vandoodewaard, biblical and systematic theology with David Wells, eschatology with Greg Beale, sexual identity with Rosaria Butterfield, assurance of salvation with Jeff Stivason, and children’s reformation books with Simonetta Car.

Jonathan Master teaches theology, church history, and New Testament at Cairn University. He also oversees Cairn’s honors program, part of Cairn’s Center for University Studies. Dr. Master also serves as executive editor of the online magazine Place for Truth, as well as host of the podcast Theology on the Go (both sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals). He has authored the book A Question of Consensus (Fortress Press) and a number of articles, in addition to editing The God We Worship (P&R). Prior to teaching, he served in pastoral ministry for ten years.

(82 mp3 files on 2 CDs)

Topics: Truth, Theology, Bible