The Woman Who Wiped Jesus Feet with Her Tears, Her Sins, Which Are Many, Are Forgiven (QW18)(CD)

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Quakertown Womens' Conference 2018; Speaker=Jane Roach

Women are everywhere in the gospels. The sisters Mary and Martha. Jesus’ own mother. Mary Magdalene. A woman at a well in Samaria. A sinful woman who wiped Jesus’ feet with her tears and in return heard the words, “Your sins are forgiven.” Each tells us a story. Each also imparts important lessons about Jesus and the nature of trust in His person and His atoning work.

Women at the Feet of Jesus includes 1 message:

  • The Woman Who Wiped Jesus’ Feet with Her Tears, “Her Sins, Which Are Many, Are Forgiven” by Jane Roach


(1 message on 1 CD)