The Tabernacle (mp3 Download Set)

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Philip Ryken

God gave a very specific blueprint for how to build the tabernacle and careful instructions for what should be put in it. As the holy sanctuary where God would dwell it served as an earthly representation of a heavenly reality. A reality fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus, every detail of the tabernacle reveals our relationship with God. God wants to live with His people and He wants us to live with Him. Jesus Christ came to dwell with His people as the ultimate purpose and fulfillment of the tabernacle. Jesus our High Priest offered a single sacrifice, perfecting those who draw near, thus restoring our fellowship with God.

The Tabernacle includes 14 messages:

• Free Will Offering

• Knowing God’s Will

• The Ark of the Covenant

• Fit for a Priest

• The Bread of the Presence

• The Ordination of the Priests

• The Golden Lampstand

• The Big Picture

• The Tabernacle of God

• Sweet Altar of Prayer

• The Altar in the Courtyard

• Bought with a Price

• A Priest Before God

• Art for God’s Sake

(14 mp3 files)

Philip Graham Ryken, the Bible teacher of Every Last Word radio and internet broadcasts, focuses on teaching the whole Bible to change your whole life. Dr. Ryken also serves as President of Wheaton College. His books include: The Heart of the Cross (with Dr. James Boice), City on a Hill: The Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century, Jeremiah and Lamentations, and Loving the Way Jesus Loves. Every Last Word can be heard online, anytime, at