The Power of Gospel Preaching - Seminars (CD Set)

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National Pastors Conference 2000

The Power of Gospel Preaching
Anyone who thinks seriously about the state of preaching in our day must
notice a strange contradiction. On the one hand, there is acknowledgement
of the need for great preaching. On the other, exceptional preaching has
seldom been at a lower ebb. Evangelical (and even liberal) seminaries exhort
their young men, “Be faithful in preaching… Be sure that you give the people
God’s Word and not merely your own opinions.” But in practice, these
admonitions are not heeded, and ministers who emerge from the seminaries
generally fail in this primary responsibility.
If we are to see a new reformation in our time, it has to begin with renewed,
faithful, biblical preaching of the Gospel by pastors who want to serve God as
faithful heralds of His Word and who want to encourage one another in this
task. The 12 messages of The Power of Gospel Preaching, featuring Alistair Begg,
James Boice, Sinclair Ferguson, and more, encourage faithful Bible teaching
by a new generation of faithful, godly men.

(9 messages on 9 CDs)