The Life of Moses: Worship in the Wilderness (mp3 downloads)

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James Boice

Burnt offerings. Peace offerings. Guilt offerings. The book of Leviticus is a handbook for the Israelite priests. What can it possibly have to do with Christian believers today? The truth is, the themes of Leviticus are just as relevant to the New Testament priesthood of believers as they were to the Old Testament priesthood: purification, anointing, sacrifice, worship, holiness, and blessing, to name a few. Not only that, but Leviticus contains the most important chapter in the entire Old Testament for understanding what Jesus did on the cross. And it includes one of the most surprising bits of legislation in the Bible, the Year of Jubilee.

In this series, Dr. Boice looks beyond the rituals to their meaning and uncovers the truth about Leviticus. Don’t miss this eye-opening exploration of Worship in the Wilderness.


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