The Life of Moses, Volume 2: Moses' Finest Hour (CD Set)

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James Boice

You’ve lived your whole life as Pharaoh’s slave. And after a month of freedom, you complain and say, “I’d rather be in Egypt.” What do you do when you’re in charge of two million people, and the day’s too short to get everything done? Do what Moses did, and get advice from a management consultant. These messages look at the Ten Commandments and uncover the real purpose behind history’s first Top Ten list. Exodus has pages and pages of civil laws for the nation of Israel. What do we do with them? Try to copy them? Pretend they’re not there? Do these ancient laws have anything to say to Christian believers and citizens today? What’s the most famous tent in history? It’s the tabernacle. Do its rituals and trappings mean anything to the church in the 21st century? Moses’ finest hour wasn’t confronting Pharaoh and demanding freedom for the Hebrew slaves. Nor was it leading the people through the Red Sea on dry ground. Receiving the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai wasn’t it either. Discover what Moses’ finest hour really was.


(8 messages on 4 CDs)