The Cross, Our Glory (CD Set)

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Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 1978

The Cross, Our Glory
Atonement, it’s an important word we often hear from our pulpits, but do we really understand what it means? What is the nature of atonement? What is the extent of atonement? We hear the term “limited atonement” and it sometimes puzzles us. This series addresses all of these topics and more in order to clarify the confusion that often surrounds the doctrine of atonement.
Messages include:

• The Atonement and the Purpose of God by John Gerstner
• The Language of the Battlefield by John Gerstner
• Reconciliation and Propitiation by Roger Nicole
• Particular Redemption by Roger Nicole
• Sacrifice and Satisfaction by R.C. Sproul
• To All Who Will Come by R.C. Sproul
• Sacrifice and Satisfaction by James Packer
• To All Who Will Come by James Packer
• The Language of the Marketplace by James Boice

(9 messages on 9 CDs)