The Christ of Christmas 4 (CD Set)

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James Boice

The Christmas story evokes many touching images. Halos, fresh hay, shepherds carrying newborn lambs, and young motherhood in blue homespun can bring tears to the eyes of Christmas-time churchgoers. But the Christmas story is more than sentimental. It is powerful. It deals with real people. It involves pain. It is one of the most strikingly unusual stories in all of history. And its main emphasis is not on Jesus’ infancy, but on His diety - and why Diety took the form of an infant.

In this collection of Christmas messages, Dr. Boice emphasizes the incredible implications of one of our favorite true stories: the Creator of the universe choosing to live among the people of Earth. The Christmas story has deep meaning today, not merely as a nice bedtime story for children or a narrative in a choral concert, but as a foundation point of your salvation and your new life in Christ - the omnipotent, omniscient, righteous Christ of Christmas.

The 4 messages included on these CD's are:

  • How to Celebrate Christmas - Luke 2:17-20
  • The Indescribable Gift - 2 Corinthians 9:15
  • Simeon's Psalm - Luke 2:29-32
  • The Little People of Christmas - John 2:36-38

(4 messages on 2 CDs)

Topic: Christmas