The Arrogance of the Modern (Paperback)

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David Hall
Covenant Foundation

The Arrogance of the Modern is a sustained apology for the wisdom of the past. David Hall is not convinced that moderns corner the market on ideas. Indeed, the lust for the progressive has led to numerous intellectual errors. This series of essays-treating subject ranging from heresies, and orthodoxy to welfare reform, piety, science, and politics-returns again and again to Solomon's conclusion about ideas: There is nothing new under the sun. In many ways, some of the ideas of the past were superior.

Regrettably, many Christians stand upon the stage of history with virtually no idea of what has preceded. Besides being placed at a distinct disadvantage with such tardy stage entrance, Christians are finding that forsaking the best of prior thought is extremely imprudent modus operandi. The seduction of the superiority of modernity blindfolds many to the past.

This attempt at recovering the virtue of the past is also an endeavor to vindicate some exemplary Christians who may have known and lived in far more conformity to God's will than many of us ever will. If they are our betters-despite much of the malignity of modern skepticism-then it may be time to rehabilitate their reputations.

Many people appear to have forgotten the wisdom of our parents, or else they hold the past in contempt. Rather than forsaking the past, it would be better to embrace it first, profit from it, and then improve it or forsake it only when we have superior ideas. This primer for the use of church history to diagnose modern issues will be of benefit for students, thinkers, ministers, and others. It is an introduction to the thought of the likes of C.S. Lewis, St. Augustine, Robert Dabney, G.K. Chesterton, Groen Van Prinsterer, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others.

Publication Date: 1997

Topic: church history

Table of Contents:

Arrogance toward the Past

Proceeding Without Contempt


Number of Pages: 308