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  • The Way of Life (Paperback)

    The Way of Life (Paperback)

    ‘It is one of the clearest principles of Divine revelation, that holiness is the fruit of truth; and it is one of the plainest inferences from that principle, that the exhibition of the truth is the best means of promoting holiness. Christians...
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  • Divorce (Paperback)

    Divorce (Paperback)

    An analysis of both Old and New Testament teachings concerning divorce, providing a more holistic view of the subject by setting the issue in a broader spectrum of God's relationship with his people. Case studies are presented to demonstrate that the...
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  • The Believer's Joy (Hardcover)

    The Believer's Joy (Hardcover)

    Robert Murray McCheyne’s fervent love of the gospel shone clearly through everything he wrote and said, often leading him to tears while he preached. This short book brings together seven such sermons, in which McCheyne expounds the glories of life...
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    Devoted to God's Church (Paperback)

    Devoted to God's Church (Paperback)

    Being a Christian is not an individualistic or isolated activity. Believing also involves belonging. Being a Christian, by definition, involves belonging to the church. This is not a book full of ideas about how your church ought to change or what it...
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  • This World is Not My Home (Paperback)

    This World is Not My Home (Paperback)

    This is a pastoral, thoughtful, encouraging, challenging and, above all, radically God-centered book. The thirty brief but compelling chapters remind us that this world is not our home, that our destiny is ‘a city that has foundations whose...
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  • Patience: Waiting with Hope (Paperback)

    Patience: Waiting with Hope (Paperback)

    Do you dread being forced to wait? Does a summons to patience sound like a call to bitter endurance? It’s not. This neglected virtue is the powerful and diligent practice of godliness in daily life—we are called to be faithful over time just...
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