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  • The Shepherd Who Would be King (Paperback)

    The Shepherd Who Would be King chronicles the career of David, one of the best-known figures in the Bible, from his humble origins as a shepherd boy to his slaying of the giant Goliath, to his triumphant crowning success as king of Israel. David's story...

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  • The Signs of True Conversion (Paperback)

    Can we be sure that we are truly saved? Scripture teaches that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone. So we rest assured that salvation is ours at the very moment of our conversion, at the very moment we repent and...

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    The Triune God (Paperback)

    While the workings of the Trinity challenge our understanding, Bible-believing Christians cannot let themselves downplay the Trinity or ignore it. We find the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit each present throughout the pages of Scripture??and each equally...

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  • These Last Days (Paperback)

    This is a book about an evil age. Specifically, it is about ??the present evil age?? that we live in right now. For many Christians, the expression ??these last days?? refers to the time right before the second coming of Christ??but according to the...

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    Thessalonians (Paperback)

    Paul’s letters to Thessalonica address difficult subjects such as suffering, obedience, justification, sanctification, and our wittness to the world. With characteristic warmth, Dr. Barnhouse presents both faithful exegesis and practical...

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    Zeal for Godliness (Hardcover)

    Following Calvin's intent with the Institutes, this book displays the coherence, trustworthiness, and glory of biblical truth for all ages. These readings hope to awaken readers to the relevance of Calvin's theology, humble them by the depth of Calvin's...

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