Savior or Servant? (Hardcover)

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David W. Hall
Covenant Foundation


Savior or Servant? is a revival of a classic approach to limited government. In a time when nations are finally beginning to shrink bloated governments, a surprising source commends itself as an able assistant in reform. The scriptural view of the state, removed from the varied fads of political science, provides an enduring perspective by which to measure all states. This study begins with a survey of biblical teaching on pressing matters of state today. Following the contours of the Old and New Testaments, Savior or Servant? calls all levels of government to a servant posture, rather than allowing officials to dominate. A historical tracing of the best and most pertinent that theology has to offer on the subject is contained in these pages. 

Publication Date: 1996

Topic: Systematic Theology, Ethics, Church History, Political Science, Biblical Studies, Government 

Pages: 399

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction: Focus for the State

2. Old Testament: Pre-Exodus Period

3. Old Testament: Exodus-Monarchy 

4. From Monarchy to Messiah

5. Politics in Poetry and Prophecy

6. The Gospels: Jesus; Teaching on Matters of State

7. New Testament: Acts-Revelation

8. The Role of the State: Not Messianic (Romans 13)

9. Historical Applications: AD 100-1500

10. From Reformation to Revolution: 1500-1650

11. The Age of Revolution: 1650-1850

12. The Age of Statism: 1850-2000

13. Systematic Absolutes

14. Systematic Considerations

Appendix: The Escalation of Rights




"A very comprehensive piece of work. This ambitious and important book introduces the reader to a rich and undeservedly neglected tradition of Christian political thought. 

-Father Richard John Neuhaus, Editor in Chief, First Things

"Extremely Well-written, thoughtful, and comprehensive."

-Ralph Reed, Executive Director, Christian Coalition

"Savior or Servant? is the single best volume of Christian thinking on the issue of the increasingly intrusive state since the halcyon days of the Puritans and Covenanters. Theology at its very best: orthodox, comprehensive, relevant, and provocative. 

-George Grant, Author, The Micah Mandate

"David Hall Contributes substantively to our civic education. His work provides an entry way to an intelligent, orthodox, conservative, believing agenda in a society in the death grip of a dying modernity and a nascent postmodernism." 

-J. Ligon Duncan, III, Reformed Theological Seminary