Revelation: The Sovereign Reign of the Exalted Christ Pre-Conference (MP3 Disc)

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Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 2020
The Divine Christ in the Book of Revelation

For the first time in history, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology focused on a single book of the Bible: the apocalypse of John the apostle, also known as Revelation. Perhaps no book in all of Scripture so exalts the sovereign reign of the Lord Jesus Christ as does Revelation. The need for a clear Reformed witness to the book is urgent. In these sessions you will find compelling expositions offering proper interpretation, bringing to bear Revelation's powerful message.

Cornelis Venema provides clear guides for interpreting Revelation in these messages from the pre-conference The Divine Christ in the Book of Revelation.

This set includes the pre-conference messages:

Session 1: "Our Blessed Hope" by Richard Phillips
Session 2: "Christ's Present Coming to the Churches" by Cornelis Venema
Session 3: "Christ's Coming for the Nations" by Cornelis Venema
Session 4: "Christ's Ultimate Coming in Answer to the Prayer of His Bride" by Cornelis Venema

(4 mp3 messages on 1 disc)