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Redemption Accomplished and Applied
Liam Goligher, Ian Hamilton, David Murray, and Joe Thorn
March 15-17, 2019

The apostle Paul’s outline of salvation in Romans 8:30 spurred the Reformation’s development of the ordo salutis — an outline of the order of salvation for those who believe. How important it is to know how salvation works!

In 1955, theologian John Murray published his classic work, Redemption Accomplished & Applied, unfolding the relationship between regeneration, faith, justification, and sanctification as they find union in Jesus Christ. This timeless and uplifting theme will supply the messages for our 2019 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology.

It is our joy and delight at the PCRT to highlight the great biblical themes that fueled reformation in years past. We have no doubt that our lifting up of Christ’s redeeming work will have a similar effect through our conference. We live during a time when a clear understanding of Christ and His work, together with the Spirit’s application of God’s saving grace is needed. What a feast of blessings we have through our justification, sanctification, and glorification in Christ!

We are excited to welcome an outstanding roster of theologians and teachers to the conference–men acclaimed for their Gospel preaching in America and Britain. Liam Goligher, Ian Hamilton, David Murray, and Joe Thorn are speaking at the Grand Rapids location; Philadelphia features D. A. Carson, Kevin DeYoung, Liam Goligher, and David Murray.

Please join us! We know you will find the 2019 conference a special blessing as it opens God’s Word to consider the greatest of all themes: the accomplishment and application of redemption by our victorious Savior, Jesus Christ!