Psalms, Volume 11 (mp3 download Set)

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James Boice

Psalms Volume 11

There is no more wonderful portion of Scripture than the Psalms. They have been a blessing to God’s people through many generations, first in the Old Testament period when they were sung by the people of Israel in their worship at the temple in Jerusalem and now in the New Testament period when they are recited, sung, memorized, and cherished by Christians (as well as Jews) literally around the world. Ever since the days when they were first written, beginning in the age of the early monarchy under King David, they have been used in the worship of God more consistently and more frequently than other portion of the Bible.
The 8 messages of Psalms: Volume 11 cover Psalms 75-82.

(8 messages on mp3 files)

Psalms Volume 11 Bible Study Hour James Montgomery Boice
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