Mastering Romans (DVD Set)

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James Boice and Sinclair Ferguson

Mastering Romans
There is no greater or more comprehensive statement of the essentials of
the Christian faith in all the Bible than in Romans. Romans tells us why
we are not right with God, how we can get right with God, how we can
be assured of God’s continuing love and favor in our lives (even when we
go though hard times), what life and history is about, and how to live as
a victorious Christian in this very anti-Christian world. If you study these
doctrines and obey what God tells you to do as you study them, you will
never be the same

The 7 video messages of Mastering Romans by James Boice and Sinclair
Ferguson include:
• ”Introduction to Romans” (Romans 1:1-17) by Sinclair Ferguson
• “The Nature and Extent of Sin” (Romans 1:18-3:20) by James Boice
• “The Heart of the Bible” (Romans 3:21-4:25) by James Boice
• “Victory Over Sin” (Romans 5:1-7:25) by Sinclair Ferguson
• “Life in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 8:1-39) by Sinclair Ferguson
• “A Christian View of History” (Romans 9:1-11:36) by James Boice
• “Living the Christian Life” (Romans 12:1-16:27) by Sinclair Ferguson

(7 video messages on 6 DVDs with Study Guide)