Illustrating the Gospel of John (Paperback)

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Donald Barnhouse

As a teacher, pastor, radio speaker, editor, and master storyteller, Donald Grey Barnhouse inspired countless listeners and readers with his poignant words.  In "Illustrating the Gospel of John", Barnhouse answers vital questions, including:

  • How has God demonstrated His love to us?
  • What great miracle is made possible by God's love to us?
  • How do I know that God loves me?
  • What does this loving God expect from me in return?

Many Christians would say the words integral to understanding the message of John's Gospel are faith and belief, but the real key to unlocking its truths is love, according to Barnhouse.  Gleaned from the sermons he delivered at Philadelphia's Tenth Presbyterian Church, this commentary delves deeply into the author's favorite passages. 

This uniquely personal, chapter-by-chapter study will be a delightful resource for pastors, teachers, leaders, speakers, and anyone desiring a refreshing commentary on the Book of John. 

Publication Date: 1973

Topics: God's love, Jesus, new birth

Scripture Reference: The Gospel of John

Table of Contents:

  1. The Marks of Sonship
  2. He First Found His Brother
  3. The Life of the Party
  4. Understanding New Birth
  5. Come See a Man
  6. Lessons in Worship
  7. Moses Wrote of Me
  8. Something for Nothing
  9. John Bunyan's Text
  10. A Reading of John 7
  11. I am the Light of the World
  12. Restoring Sight to the Blind
  13. Ripples on the Shore of Your Life
  14. The Challenge of the Cross
  15. Art Not Thou Also one of His Disciples
  16. Another Strengthener-Wither
  17. Troubleshooting Ineffective Prayer
  18. A Divine Love Affair
  19. The Lord's Prayer
  20. The Christmas Story Before Pilate
  21. He Died That Day
  22. God Put You Here on Purpose
  23. The Post-Resurrection Ministry
  24. The Four Comes

Number of Pages: 320