God's Truth, Man's Lies: Pursuing Integrity in a Dishonest World (mp3 Download Set)

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Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology 2008

God’s Truth, Man’s Lies
God is not man, that he should lie; Has he spoken, and will he not fulfill it? Numbers 23:19
What a world this would be without lying. Imagine people telling the truth, all the time. Pretense, posturing, and deception would be gone; all fraud, cheating, and manipulation would disappear. A world without lying would be a world of honesty, faithfulness, and integrity. Men and women would finally become who they were intended to be - beings who speak the truth as God their Creator speaks the truth.
God does not lie. In fact, because telling the truth is inherent in His character, it is impossible for God to lie. We desire to know this God of Truth, to become more like Him by grace in the fellowship of those who share a similar goal. A world without lying will be a perfect world, one that we are eager to see established through the grace of God, the blood of Christ, and the sanctification of the Holy Spirit.
The 4 messages in God’s Truth, Man’s Lie include:

• “What Is Truth” by Albert Mohler

• “Your Word Is Truth” by D.A. Carson

• “I Am the Truth” by Albert Mohler

• “Know the Truth” by D.A. Carson

(4 mp3 downloads)