Encounters with Jesus (Paperback)

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Richard Phillips
P&R Publishing

The woman at the well. The scholar. The tax collector. The young children. The governor. The thief on the cross. People who came face to face with the Lord Jesus.

What was it like to see and speak with Jesus during his days on earth? The thirteen encounters described in this book cast bright light on how Jesus treated people then??and how he relates to us today. As we watch him in action, we also learn how to interact with others around us, whether young or old, male or female, rich or poor, believers or unbelievers.

Pages: 232

Publication Date: 2002

Topic: Jesus, Discipleship, Faith


"Richard Phillips has the gift of writing both devotionally and practically, but not at the expense of reckoning with the priorities of the Bible passage laid open before him. He thoughtfully and insightfully draws out significant truth from the Gospel stories of Jesus' encounters with an intriguing collection of very different people. As such, this volume not only serves the interests of discipleship, but gives us encouragement in and ideas for evangelism in our daily encounters with those who do not know Christ."

-J. Ligon Duncan III

"With warmth and keen insight, Rick Phillips introduces us to some folks who had close encounters with Jesus - and then teaches us some valuable life-lessons from their examples. Encounters with Jesus is a most useful tool for growing in grace. 

- Carol J. Ruvolo


Richard Phillips is chair of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. Rev. Phillips also serves as senior minister of Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC. An officer in the United States Army for thirteen years, Phillips commanded tank units and later served as assistant professor of leadership at West Point before resigning with the rank of major to enter the ministry. He is the author of numerous books, including, The Masculine Mandate: God’s Calling to Men and I Samuel Reformed Expository Commentary.