Children and Heirs: God's Glorious Adoption (CD Set)

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Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology 2009

Children and Heirs

You have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” Romans 8:15

Abba! Father! These words of Paul capture the intimate freedom of a child dearly loved and in love with his Father. “Daddy”, the redeemed believer cries to God, expressing a deep and direct experience between human heart and divine person. No wonder these words are an exclamation - they are put before us as a reality, a promise, and a hope!
But for too many, the exclamation of “Abba! Father!” have been replaced by pressing questions. What exactly does it mean that God is “Father”? How does these names comfort those whose earthly fathers have been at best a disappointment, a worst a torment? What am I supposed to make of the fact that God seems distant and unconcerned about my Christian experience? The messages provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the biblical and Trinitarian doctrines of adoption. An understanding that will strengthen your faith, address your questions, and renew an exuberant hope in God as your Abba, your Father!
The 4 messages in Children and Heirs: God’s Glorious Adoption include:

• “The Glory of God as Father” by Joel Beeke

• “The Glory of the Son in Securing Our Adoption” by Robert Peterson

• “The Glory of the Son’s Purchase: The Privelege and Right of Adoption” by Joel Beeke

• “The Glory of the Spirit in Sealing our Adoption” by Robert Peterson

(4 messages on 4 CDs)