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  • Triumphing Over Sinful Fear

    How will you triumph when your heart is left trembling? To some degree, everyone experiences fear. It impacts the decisions we make and leaves us feeling helpless. John Flavel begins this book by examining various fears and discussing general ways God...

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  • William Perkins: Architect of Puritanism

    Once a highly influential preacher in the Elizabethan Church and the international Reformed world, William Perkins (1558–1602) has become a rather surprisingly neglected figure in the history of the church. In this book, Joel Beeke, Sinclair...

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    Women and God (Paperback)

    What does the Bible really say about women?Is God somewhat sexist?Is there a way to see what God says in this area not only as true, but also as beautiful?In this warm, conversational, sympathetic book, Kathleen Nielson asks the hard questions on this...

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  • Magnifying God in Christ (Paperback)

    Thomas Schreiner's substantial New Testament Theology examined the unifying themes that emerge from a detailed reading of the New Testament canon. This student-level digest of Schreiner's massive work explores the key themes and teachings of...