Bible Truth Illustrated (Paperback)

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Donald Barnhouse

Favorite personal illustrations are compiled from the great preacher Donald Grey Barnhouse's sermons, along with the applications he drew from them. The book is organized by doctrine and illustrated for devotional reading. Donald Grey Barnhouse was a Bible teacher, pastor, radio speaker, and editor. But above all,, he was the master storyteller who illustrated Bible truth with color and high drama. Barnhouse never used an illustration for effect or to warm up an audience.  Each is a parable that animates a text or teaching.

The brief stories in this collection are charming and picturesque reading, particularly as accompanied by nostalgic drawings. But beneath their simplicity are stored heavy loads of meaning, organized by subject area.

Publication Date: 1979

Table of Contents:

  1. Your Plight and God's Provision
  2. God's Road Map
  3. Living on Top of the World
  4. God's Unfinished Business
  5. Translated into Action
  6. God Keeps His Promises
  7. The Unsinkable Christian Church
  8. Believing is Seeing
  9. Trashpile and Other Stories

Donald Grey Barnhouse Th.D (March 28, 1895 – November 5, 1960), was an American Christian preacher, pastor, theologian, radio pioneer, and writer. He was pastor of the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1927 to his death in 1960. As a pioneer in radio broadcasting, his program, The Bible Study Hour, continues today and is now known as Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible.

Number of Pages: 263