Robert Letham

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    The Holy Trinity - Revised and Expanded (Paperback)

    The Holy Trinity - Revised and Expanded (Paperback)

    Robert Letham's award winning The Holy Trinity receives a well-considered update in a revised and expanded new edition. Letham examines the doctrine of the Trinity's biblical foundations and traces its historical development before engaging critical...
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  • The Lord's Supper (Paperback)

    The Lord's Supper (Paperback)

    A call to a renewed hunger and thirst for the Lord's Supper, this book unfolds a historic Reformed understanding in contrast to other views. Building on careful biblical analysis, Robert Letham explains why we have the Supper, how we partake of Christ in...
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  • Union with Christ (Paperback)

    Union with Christ (Paperback)

    Union with Christ is the central truth of the whole biblical teaching about salvation. The entirety of our relationship with God can be summed up in this doctrine.Yet when people ask what this union actually is, we flounder.The incarnation shows that God...
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