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Megan Hill

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    A Place to Belong (Paperback)

    The church has more beauty―and more value―than we can see with physical eyes. Though our congregations are made up of ordinary people engaged in predictable practices, we are an outpost of heaven itself. The church is the people of God, the dwelling...

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  • Contentment: Seeing God's Goodness (Paperback)

    Discontent easily arises when our desires aren't met and our plans don't come true—but this is a dangerous path that drives us away from God. While the world insists that satisfying our desires is the path to fulfillment, this daily devotional teaches us...

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  • Praying Together (Paperback)

    Nearly all Christians would affirm the centrality of prayer for a healthy Christian life. And yet, for many, prayer is often a challenge, requiring intense personal commitment and self-discipline. However, as Megan Hill points out in Praying...

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