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Iain Duguid

  • Daniel (Hardback)

    The book of Daniel is both familiar and unfamiliar to many Christians. The stories of the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion’s den are the staples of children’s Bible storybooks and Sunday school classes. Yet the latter chapters of...

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  • Esther & Ruth (Hardback)

    Does God help those who help themselves? That may seem to be the message of the Books of Esther and Ruth. Some think that Ruth’s attractiveness won over Naomi and Boaz, or that Esther’s bold faithfulness saved her people. But a closer reading...

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    Hero of Heroes (Paperback)

    Hero. Someone we admire, someone we want to be like. But does your idea of a hero include someone poor in spirit? Meek? Merciful? In this fresh look at the Beatitudes, Iain M. Duguid shows how Jesus turns our concept of a hero upside-down. The Beatitudes...

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    Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace (Paperback)

    Time and time again, God uses insignificant and desperately sinful people to fulfill his marvelous plans. In short, he uses people like us! We find vivid examples of this truth in Isaac and Jacob, two men who couldn't live up to Abraham's example, let...

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  • Zephaniah, Haggai, Malachi (Hardback)

    To the people of Judah, distressed by changing political realities, it seemed that God had lost control of the situation. Zephaniah warned of imminent judgment and pointed to hope close at hand: God is both Judge and a Refuge from judgment...

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