Acts CD Anthology (CD Set)

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James Boice

“There’s nothing today’s church needs so much as to rediscover the doctrine, spirit, and commitments of the early Christian community,” writes James Boice. The power the early church exhibited for change and growth is overwhelming. Although it faced enormous obstacles—it was completely new, it taught truths that seemed unbelievable, and it suffered intense hatred and persecution—the church managed to spread across the early world within the lifetime of the first generation of believers.

In fifty messages that progress through the book of Acts, Dr. Boice issues a challenge to believers to follow the first-century church. We are encouraged to glean the vital principles that enabled the early church to expand, and then apply them to our modern-day church. If we take time to study the expansion of the early church, we can spread the Gospel the way it was spread during the first century—by the faithful preaching and teaching of the great truths of the Bible.

(50 messages on 25 CDs)