A Manual for Officer Training (Paperback)

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David Hall
Covenant Foundation

A Manual for Officer Training is a long overdue source. It is simple, biblical, and supportive of the Offices of Elder and Deacon. It is designed for easy classroom use. 

This is the course-tested for almost 30 years and taught by a pastor-that your church needs to equip your leaders.  Welcome to an exploration of gifts, your church, and your calling to serve the Lord! Designed for use in the local church, we offer it to others as a humble and faithful testimony of what our Lord has taught us. 

Publication Date: 2011

Topic: elders, deacons, truth, doctrine, the church, training

Scripture Reference:  the Gospels+

Table of Contents:

Session #1: Well Grounded Leaders

Session #1a: Holding Fast to Truth

Session #2: Westminster Doctrine

Sessions #2a: God and His Works: Election, Creation, and Providence

Session #3: Man and Sin

Session #3a: The Doctrine of Christ and Soteriology

Session #4: Practical Theology

Session #4a: The Church: her Sacraments

Session #5: Church Government

Session #5a: Church Discipline

Session #6: The PCA: Its Origins


Number of Pages: 221