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Honoring the Legacy Of James Boice

I would say there are three towering expositors in the 20th century:
Martyn Lloyd Jones, John MacArthur, and James Montgomery Boice. 
—Steve Lawson (Expositor Podcast 3/23/2018)

We honor the legacy of Dr. Boice by offering some of the clear, concise, biblical teachings he was known for at special pricing.


  • Does Inerrancy Matter? (PDF Download)

    Biblical inerrancy has proved to be one of the greatest battle grounds in modern times. In decades past, James Boice, R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, and others fought on the front line. To this day, Boice's Does Inerrancy Matter? remains an important...

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    Here We Stand (Paperback)

    The church in sixteenth-century Europe needed a reformation. Martin Luther precipitated what we call the Reformation with his famous declaration, "Here I stand!" Is the evangelical church of today equally in need of a reformation? Yes, proclaim...

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    The Minor Prophets: 2 Volume Set (Paperback)

    Topic: The Minor Prophets About A set of two inspirational commentaries on the message of the Minor Prophets. Respected preacher James Montgomery Boice discusses the life and works of each prophet, starting with Hosea and ending with Malachi...

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    2019 Version

    Foundations of the Christian Faith (Hardcover)

    In one systematic volume, James Montgomery Boice provides a readable overview of Christian theology. Both students and pastors will benefit from this rich source that covers all the major doctrines of Christianity.With scholarly rigor and a pastor's...

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    James Boice Bundle

    Come to the Waters “Study of the Bible must be the consuming passion of a believer’s life.” So said James Montgomery Boice—and he practiced what he preached. Throughout the decades of his faithful church ministry, Boice devoted...

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    Psalms, 3 Volume Set (Paperback)

    The Boice Commentary series combines careful scholarship and clear communication in a verse-by-verse and section-by-section reading of various biblical texts. Combining thoughtful interpretation with contemporary insight for daily living, James...

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