R.C. Sproul On The Church & Reformation (CD Set)

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R.C. Sproul
R.C. Sproul On The Church & Reformation (CD Set)

To say R.C. Sproul had an impact on the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals would be an understatement. Working closely with Dr. Boice, they labored tirelessly to recover biblical and historical Christianity. He was a frequent speaker at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, a partner in the fight for biblical inerrancy through ICBI, a founding member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, and a faithful friend. A combination of passion, intellect, and theological courage, Dr. Sproul was a steadfast hero of the Reformed faith.

These messages are from Alliance conferences spanning over 30 years. From the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology to our National Pastors' Conference, you will be encouraged and equipped by the sound, bold preaching that Dr. Sproul was known for.

(7 messages on 7 CDs)

This set includes:
Martin Luther: The Preacher
The Reformation of the Church Starting with You
Toward a Modern Reformation
The Pelagian Captivity of the Church
Reformation Now!
Revival and Today's Church
I Will Build My Church